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Statement of ED at 4-th Ministerial Conference (October 14, 2014. Bejing, China)

Fourth Ministerial Conference of
‘Heart of Asia’- Istanbul Process
Beijing, 31 October 2014

The Statement of the ED. The 4-th Ministerial Conference (Bejing, October 31)

Your Excellency Mr. Wang Yi
Your Excellency Mr. Zarar Ahmed Osmani
Distinguished Ministers, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen

    First of all let me express my gratitude and appreciation to the Chinese side for their hospitality and excellent arrangements for the meeting. It is a matter of great honour for me to address the Fourth Ministerial Conference of the “Heart of Asia’-Istanbul Process.
    As the previous distinguished speakers underlined, we believe that a stable and prosperous Afghanistan is crucial for peace and stability not only in the region but for the entire world. Successful conclusion of Presidential elections and peaceful transition of power is a huge positive development which will contribute to creating an environment of peace, stability and sustained development in the country. Afghan people deserve to be congratulated for their tenacity for bringing this change.
    We whole-heartedly welcome the five point vision presented by Prime Minister Li Keqiang in his address this morning, which seeks to create peaceful, stable and prosperous Afghanistan governed by the people of Afghanistan. We also welcome the endeavour of President Ashraf Ghani to bring all segments of society into the political activity and to build institutions for effective governance of the country. We welcome Beijing Declaration and are hopeful that it will pave way to put into effect visions of Prime Minister Li and President Ghani.
    The CICA, as you would be aware, is a forum for promoting peace, security and stability in Asia through dialogue, interaction and Confidence Building Measures. China assumed Chairmanship of CICA in May this year and is fully committed to take the CICA process forward. Afghanistan is a founding member of CICA. Right from the time of its inception, CICA has encouraged the Member States to forge close cooperation with Afghanistan, including in the area of combating terrorism, illicit drug production and trafficking of narcotic drugs and their chemical precursors as well as for reconstruction of the country. CICA Member States have been extending humanitarian and development assistance to Afghanistan.
    The CICA is also trying to address the problems faced by Afghanistan through the mechanism of Confidence Building Measures. In accordance with the Catalogue of confidence building measures, CICA is implementing CBMs in military-political dimension, economic dimension, environmental dimension, human dimension and fight against new threats and challenges, that include terrorism and illicit drug production and trafficking. Afghanistan is the co-coordinator for confidence building measures in the areas of new challenges and threats. It is hoped that these measures will augment the international efforts aimed at peace, stability and reconstruction of Afghanistan.
    The Istanbul Process is playing a very important role in reconstruction of Afghanistan. Participating countries are striving to cooperate with Afghanistan in countering problems like illicit drugs, terrorism, as well as providing help in its development process. What distinguishes Istanbul Process from other initiatives in Afghanistan is that it is a regional initiative and takes into account the problems that could have impact on the entire region.
    I will like to mention in this regard that there are commonalities among the confidence building measures of the Istanbul Process and the confidence building measures of CICA. It is possible to develop a synergy between the common strands of the respective confidence building measures of the two forums. CICA, on its part, will be very happy to cooperate and join its resources with the Istanbul Process in the process of reconciliation, rehabilitation and reconstruction of Afghanistan in order to help revive this country as a stable and prosperous member of CICA family and the international community.

Thank you!

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